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Hi and welcome to the Teign Valley Pedal Bashers or “TVPB” as we are also commonly known. We are a very informal Cycle Group based in South Devon catering for Bicycle Riders of all ages and abilities from Novices to the more serious Sportive Grade participants. We have around 100 members ranging in age from Teenagers to Octogenarian’s.

We are a very social bunch –  indeed our club motto is ‘Drinkers with a Cycling Problem’ – and anyone is very welcome to join us.

We ride three times a week: –

TUESDAYS are ‘Fancy a Ride Tuesday’ (FART’s) – These gatherings are usually made up of the more ‘Senior’ members of the group who’ve decided it’s time to step aside from full time employment to allow the younger generation to work, or, those Group Members who are flexible with their time and can make it out to ride during the week. These rides comprise of making your way, either alone or in a group, to the chosen venue, usually a bike friendly Café or Pub, for a late breakfast, cup of tea/coffee and cake or maybe an early lunch and catch up with the other similarly minded/dedicated ‘Bashers’. See the FARTS Ride List or Calendar for the upcoming Rides.

THURSDAY Rides start at 7PM and are usually split into two groups – depending on numbers and abilities. One group is made up of the ‘Fitter Cyclists’ who usually ride between 20 – 25 miles at a decent pace and usually include a ‘Refreshment Stop’ en-route. The second group is made up of Riders who prefer to ride at a gentler pace but still cover a decent distance. Regardless of group no one is left behind as all groups conduct regular ‘Regroups’. The Thursday rides Start and Finish from the same pub and therefore are ‘Loop Rides’, if you can’t make the start you can always do your own Ride and meet up with the Group around 9PM at the Pub for a chat, a pint or two and food.

SUNDAY Rides start at 11AM and take the same form as the Thursday Rides, although there are sometimes more than two groups – depending on numbers – and the pace is usually slower. Again there will be regular regroups and a refreshment stop before returning to the start Pub for beer and food.

Some Thursdays and most Sundays incorporate an ‘Off Road’ option although it is always worth checking beforehand to prevent turning up and riding too far ‘On Road’ on a Downhill Thoroughbred!

See the Rides List or Calendar for upcoming Thursday and Sunday rides.

We recommend that everyone wears a Helmet and carries a pump and spare inner tube as a minimum – there is always someone to assist if anyone has a ‘Mechanical’ so there is no need to worry if you are not a very experienced cyclist. Additionally, ensure to bring enough money to buy at least yourself some refreshment – hopefully enough for all of us!

If you decide you like our Group and want to ride regularly, once you have ridden a few times you will be invited to organise a ride and upon completion will be assigned a ‘Bash Name’ – it may not be flattering but it will be unique and Bashers must have a Sense of Humour!

To become a Full TVPB Member there is an annual £10 Bash Tax payable at the start of every Tax Year – “How much?” I hear you cry! YES, ONLY £10 – Surely there can’t be better value for money to belong to such a Prestigious Group!!