Attention all Off Roaders – including Bashers who have mountain bikes in ‘The Closet’!

Chris ‘Baldrick’ Cunningham would like to start a TVPB ‘off road’ riding group on Tuesday evenings. The idea is to get out for some off roading that complements the other Bash rides and not to compete with them! It is planned for the rides to start in April and run through to September – so roughly British Summer Time, with the first one planned for April 3rd.  

The focus will be on cross-country riding either in Teignbridge or on the edge of Dartmoor (within 30 minutes’ drive from Newton Abbot) and the aim is to be fun, non-competitive, non-technical and NO LYCRA!!! Ladies very welcome (they CAN wear Lycra!).

We will use the Website, TVPB Facebook page and the Icalander to announce the location and confirm if the ride is still on if the weather is bad.

Baldrick has a van with 6 seats + bike rack so can take 6 people with bikes. Plugger also has a van. The plan is to meet at 6.30 at B&Q Newton Abbot, then drive to the start point and drop off afterwards.

Several rides are already planned in Baldrick’s mind and they can be added to as things develop.

If anyone is interested please let Baldrick know either through comments on the website, Facebook, text, carrier pigeon etc. etc. so that he has an idea of numbers.

Sounds like a great opportunity to get out in the fresh air, enjoy more of wonderful countryside we are lucky enough to have in our part of the world and enjoy the banter of ‘The Bash’ for an extra evening every week!