Bash Ride from NEWTON ABBOT Rugby Club on Sunday 29th

Hi All Bashers

This Sunday we will ride from Newton Abbot Rugby Club.

This is a special ride to remember those Bashers we have so sadly lost to the grim reaper since we formed way back in 1993. 

No doubt we can all remember those happy times we’ve spent together with “RJ”,Jack Smith,~”Manky” Doug Flack,~”Tonto” Frances Popley,~”Snakebite” Steve Lawrence,~ “Moaning Geezer” Jeff Franke, ~”Farther” Mike Wareham,~”Noah” Paul Yates,~”Mayday” Chris Connel ,~”Tommy” Alf Atkins,~”Birk” Roger Wyman~”Ned Kelly” Mick Kelly,~”Pinky” Brenda Peers.  Three of whom were in fact founder members .

So, I hope that you will join us to celebrate their lives  at 11 am with a bike for a short easy ride if you prefer, or alternatively come to the club from 1:30 0nwards.   

 P.S.  If you don’t often ride on Sundays, or you are bringing someone new along, then it would be very helpful if you could let me know.  

  Ride On  Pottsie