Hi Bashers 

Trucker is going to do a ride from his field on Sunday 22nd August.

Trusham, Teign Valley  TQ13 0NU

It is all self catering, so bring your own food and booze etc.

Those that wish to go on Friday or Saturday in their Motorhomes/vans etc are more than welcome.

If numbers warrant it, then fish and chips can be had at a local pub on Friday or just a pub crawl.

Please let Trucker know if you are interested in either of these options for  Friday and also if you are going to be camping at his.  07895 964565




Hello All, 

 Hello All, it is my sad duty to report the death of one of our older former Bashers Neil “Captain Ahab” Gamble.

  Ahab passed away on 31st December he was 89 in a care home and suffered with Parkinsons. He leaves his wife Dorothy,2 Sons Eric & Ian,2 Grandchildren & a Great Grandchild. 

   Ahab was a remarkably fit strong man who enjoyed a very varied, long interesting life with many “strings to his bow”. In his younger days he was a P.T.I  in National service. Super fit, he was a fell runner & mountaineer. He came to Teignmouth from Nottingham. Stickie thinks he arrived in a boat!! He worked for Morgan Gilles and subsequently operated the Teignmouth Belle boat offering fishing trips and diving. He also delivered new boats .

    Roy “Old Fart” Stoyle introduced him to the bash and when I saw his unique bearded & weathered face I immediately came up with the name Captain Ahab !!  It soon became apparent that he set himself “cycling goals” that most of us younger men couldn’t match ~i.e. He rode to many Bash venues, completed the bash ride then rode back home. He undertook not one but three very long and arduous “pilgrim trail” rides to  Santiago de Compostela and he came on several Bash tours abroad. Quite remarkable considering his age. 

    He retired from the Bash as his health failed and effected his mobility. However I think it fair to say that most of us will be able to remember something of our times spent together with our very own “Captain Ahab”  

                 R.I.P.  Neil Gamble




Hi Bashers

Pottsie has asked me to let you know that Rubber passed away peacefully on Saturday in his surfing chalet aged 83, after a long battle with prostate cancer.

He was the 3rd oldest person in the bash and led a very interesting and full life. He also had a varied and successful career as a prestigious hairdresser for top stars in London’s West End (and later in Dartmouth – hence the Bash nickname) as well as being a hotelier and a water-sport instructor.

In addition to being a competent and adventurous off-road cyclist, he was a boxer in the army, a single-handicap golfer, good skier, windsurfer and sailor.  Quite a Guy !

Rubber will be remembered for all of the above and his great sense of humour and mild and gentle nature.

For further details, spider has put a posting on Facebook.


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Diamond Lil


Hi Bashers,
For all those Bashers who knew Allen well, his funeral will be on Thursday (tomorrow) – a very sad day.   His local friends plan to raise a glass or three at 6 pm along with many of the friends he has elsewhere so please join in if you can.  We know Allen does not want us to be sad but rather to reflect on so many happy memories and bring a tearful smile to our faces. 
Due to the limiting COVID restrictions and taking into account his own wishes for a very simple affair, there will be no service.  His ashes will be interned with his wife, Teresa, at their family grave in Shaldon some time in the future.  There will also be a celebration party (which he was very explicit about) when the time is right.
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Allen “Isaac” Newton

Message from Pottsie

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that a Basher, Allen “Isaac” Newton passed  away  17.04.20 following underlying health problems. He was aged 80.

Those of us who knew Allen will particularly remember him as a WW2 flight pilot at the Christmas party. He was the life and soul of the party that day  and enjoyed himself very much.

Allen was a sociable man, enjoyed the bash which he found stimulating and a great comfort. He accepted it for what it is. He attended most of the FARTS when his health allowed and rode his electric bike very keenly.

Those who knew him well will miss him.

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A message from Pottsie

Hi All Bashers

In view of the current COVID-19 situation and to protect ourselves, especially the older members which are more vulnerable and those with underlying health issues, it has been decided to halt all TVPB group activity until further notice, with immediate effect.

The Government guidelines are changing daily and I’m sure it won’t be long until all pubs, cafes, restaurants etc will be closed anyway.

Stay in touch with each other via phone, social media, WhatsApp groups etc  especially if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay safe everybody, until we can resume normal activity.

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Message from Pottsie

Hi all you Bashers’ who are STILL NOT booked in and paid who want to come to our FAB Christmas Fancy Dress ride, followed by lunch and a Bash Disco Party at the Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club on Sunday 22nd December.

This is to tell you that NOW is the time you need to do something about it, but quickly please!!

Its only going to cost you a measly £10, thats provided you’ve paid your bash Tax this year. You can’t turn up and pay on the day or even 3 or 4 days before because the caterer needs to know exactly how many lunches she will be cooking and also the rules of the Starcross Club demand that all TVPB people who attend are signed in as “Guests”and that your name is on display 4 days before the event.

So that’s why we need your money NOW if you want the Bash dream ticket.

So no more messing about – Lets get Bash Party Booking done.


Hi All Bashers

This years traditional fancy dress ride & Christmas lunch party will take place Sunday 22nd December from Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club, starting at 10.15am for nibbles and a “stirrup cup” prior to an 11am start.

Format will be much the same as in previous years and “anything goes” for your choice of fancy dress. However, it is best that whatever you choose will allow you to ride your bike safely. We’ve had some fantastic creations in the past, so lets hope that once again history repeats itself. 

The ticket price this year will be held at £10 for all 2019/2020 TVPB tax payers. Any other visitors will have to pay £15. Pottsie, Sticky or Blaster will be happy to collect your money and book you in. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer then please email Sticky at dowen0666@gmail.com and let him know. Details of our bank account and sort code will be made available if you don’t have them, just email your request to Pottsie.

Please bear in mind that Sunday 22nd December is only 5 weeks away and you are required to book and pay by 15th December if you wish to attend this very popular event which is always the Bash highlight of the year  in the near perfect ambience of S.F. & C.C.

So, lets hope the weather is once again, kind to us.





Attention All Bashers who F.A.R.T.

To those that wish to attend the Christmas Lunch, please note that the venue has changed due to a popular democratic vote, from Dainton Golf Club to the Phoenix, Chudleigh.

The price remains the same at £20 and you will eat from the 3 course menu which is different from that at Dainton.

26 F.A.R.T. bashers have already confirmed  that they want to be at this event, so you need to look at the menu sent by email , choose your food and complete the party lunch menu form. (Also emailed with the menu).

Please give this form to Pottsie either directly, email or post. Sticky will collect and record your money, either directly or by bank transfer.

Menu choices and payment must be with Pottsie and Sticky by the 1st December latest.

Thank you