Hello All, 

 Hello All, it is my sad duty to report the death of one of our older former Bashers Neil “Captain Ahab” Gamble.

  Ahab passed away on 31st December he was 89 in a care home and suffered with Parkinsons. He leaves his wife Dorothy,2 Sons Eric & Ian,2 Grandchildren & a Great Grandchild. 

   Ahab was a remarkably fit strong man who enjoyed a very varied, long interesting life with many “strings to his bow”. In his younger days he was a P.T.I  in National service. Super fit, he was a fell runner & mountaineer. He came to Teignmouth from Nottingham. Stickie thinks he arrived in a boat!! He worked for Morgan Gilles and subsequently operated the Teignmouth Belle boat offering fishing trips and diving. He also delivered new boats .

    Roy “Old Fart” Stoyle introduced him to the bash and when I saw his unique bearded & weathered face I immediately came up with the name Captain Ahab !!  It soon became apparent that he set himself “cycling goals” that most of us younger men couldn’t match ~i.e. He rode to many Bash venues, completed the bash ride then rode back home. He undertook not one but three very long and arduous “pilgrim trail” rides to  Santiago de Compostela and he came on several Bash tours abroad. Quite remarkable considering his age. 

    He retired from the Bash as his health failed and effected his mobility. However I think it fair to say that most of us will be able to remember something of our times spent together with our very own “Captain Ahab”  

                 R.I.P.  Neil Gamble