Message from Pottsie

Hi all you Bashers’ who are STILL NOT booked in and paid who want to come to our FAB Christmas Fancy Dress ride, followed by lunch and a Bash Disco Party at the Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club on Sunday 22nd December.

This is to tell you that NOW is the time you need to do something about it, but quickly please!!

Its only going to cost you a measly £10, thats provided you’ve paid your bash Tax this year. You can’t turn up and pay on the day or even 3 or 4 days before because the caterer needs to know exactly how many lunches she will be cooking and also the rules of the Starcross Club demand that all TVPB people who attend are signed in as “Guests”and that your name is on display 4 days before the event.

So that’s why we need your money NOW if you want the Bash dream ticket.

So no more messing about – Lets get Bash Party Booking done.