Farts Ride August 13th 2019

The forecast is good so this Tuesday’s Fart venue is now confirmed to be at Diamond Lil’s house for bacon/sausage sarnies and Poppy’s special chocolate cake (if Unda hasn’t eaten it first) – AND of course, the usual hour’s worth of intellectually scintillating conversation. 

It is definitely NOT the Phoenix cafe, Chudleigh which has been postponed. 

This is a top-up fund raiser towards the recent Spain-France Geriatric’s Tour for the aged, infirm and afflicted – all the grub and goodies have been donated so every penny received will go to charity.

These oldies (most in their seventies, one eighty and two cancer survivors) proved it’s never too late to do amazing things, even when its all falling apart!

Nice One, On On

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